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 Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionManufacturerPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
2H16Coupling Quick Disconnect 1/4 18NPTF(2H16C)Eaton$52.30In stock   
2L15Male Coupling 1/4 18 NPTF STEELEaton$9.30Call for Availability.   
2R16Socket Female 1/4-18 NPTF STEELEaton$91.10In stock   
SNE07N07S11Swiv SAE Int-NPTF 90° 3/4"DMIC$111.31Call for Availability.   
SNE15N15S11Swiv SAE Int-NPTF 90 degree 1-DMIC$126.62Call for Availability.   
SNE20N20S11Swiv SAE Int-NPTF 90° 2"DMIC$134.67Call for Availability.   
SNE25N25S11Swiv SAE Int NPT 90° 2-1/2"DMIC$167.92Call for Availability.   
SNE30N30S11Swiv SAE Int NPT 90° 3"DMIC$206.19Call for Availability.   
SNS10N10S11SAE Swiv to Int SAE Weld 1"DMIC$70.79In stock   
SNS15N15S11SAE Swiv to Int NPT Weld 1-1/2DMIC$78.04Call for Availability.   
SNS20N20S11SAE Swiv to Int NPT Weld 2"DMIC$82.15Call for Availability.   
SNS20N20S13SAE Swiv to Int NPT Weld 2" w/DMIC$88.69Call for Availability.   
SNS25N25S11SAE Swiv to Int NPT Weld 2-1/2DMIC$87.52Call for Availability.   
SNS30N30S11SAE Swiv to Int NPT Weld 3"DMIC$105.12Call for Availability.   
SNS40N40S11SAE Swiv to Int NPT Weld 4"DMIC$119.25Call for Availability.