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HC-MT-10MAGNETIC TANK TRAP 10"Hydrocraft$217.11Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-10ASMAGNETIC TANK TRAP WITH SHIELD 10"Hydrocraft$327.42Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-12MAGNETIC TANK TRAP 12"Hydrocraft$223.28Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-12ASMAGNETIC TANK TRAP WITH SHIELD 12"Hydrocraft$371.39Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-16MAGNETIC TANK TRAP 16"Hydrocraft$230.01Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-16ASMAGNETIC TANK TRAP WITH SHIELD 16"Hydrocraft$378.12Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-20MAGNETIC TANK TRAP 20"Hydrocraft$208.85Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-20ASMAGNETIC TANK TRAP WITH SHIELD 20"Hydrocraft$391.58Call for Availability.   
HC-MT-22MAGNETIC TANK TRAP 22"Hydrocraft$241.09Call for Availability.